Austin Carroll: Digital Producer


She is a Branded and Original content connoisseur that isn't afraid of jumping off a cliff, trying snails (sorry...escargot), pairing plaid with stripes, or changing the status quo of lifestyle content.


If you require more information:

She's the rare breed of both consumer and creator. A millennial without a cable subscription whose career has been characterized by lenghty internships with two of the foremost minds in the creation of web video: Sean Akins (HBO Go/ Discovery Digital Networks) & Christopher Powers (ABC Digital Media Studio/ ABC Integrated Marketing).

Her skills in analytical research and presentation design seamlessly intersect with her flair for the creative. She has been hired to both throughly research her competition and craft pitches and digital campaigns for some of the largest and most influential Brands (Verizon, Disney, SONY, Vevo, etc.)  

Now she is ready to tackle new projects and reach new audiences.

Some perfect Examples: 

Directed & Produced by Austin Carroll | Scenic Route

Directed & Produced by Austin Carroll | Scenic Route

BRANDS She's Worked With: